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"My Passion, My Music, My Geetanjali Radio's Geetmala will Remain Past, Present & Future
By the Grace of God & Blessings of the Community" - Shoba Joshi


2 PM to 6 PM
Geet Pal Pal Ke


With Ashok Garg and Jagdip Alluwalia

Call Shoba Joshi at
(832)878 4338
or e-mail at

Hiren Joshi
(832)646 2116

Kal Ke Geet,
Pal Pal Ke Geet,
Mal Mal Se Geet,
Aaj Ke Geet...........


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2 PM to 6 PM
Geet Mal Mal Se


Dr. Renu Khator
Chancellor and President
University of Houston

Geetanjali Radio 2015 Fundraiser & Gala
featured on TV Asia
Few Moments From Geetanjali Radio Gala 2015

(Video footage courtesy of TV-asia) Click here to view more photos from the
Geetanjali Radio Fundraiser & Gala Event.
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Music, Talk Shows & Much More.....With Shoba Joshi on KXYZ 1320 AM.....Saturdays & Sundays.....2 to 6 PM

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